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Set up an ICE contact

ICE Post

This week, we wanted to share some information that one of our clients shared to us. Have you or a loved one decided on an ICE contact? If you have, great! If you are like us and are wondering what ice has to do with anything, don’t worry, we will explain. As one of our customers explained us, ICE stands for In Case of Emergency. An ICE contact is someone that can be reached in the event you are ever incapacitated of unresponsive during an emergency and could be the difference between life or death.

ICE Bracelet

You may have seen people in passing wear wrist bands or bracelets with someone’s ICE information inscribed on it. Well here is a great tip that we were told to do that we want to share with you, and that is creating an ICE contact in your smartphone.

1.) Simply go to your contacts application in your phone.


2.) Create a new contact and name it I.C.E. and proceed to enter your contact’s cell, work, and home phone numbers along with their email address and home address.


3.) Once you have created the new I.C.E contact, take a screenshot of the contact information you just entered.


4.) Finally, in your phone settings, change your lock screen wallpaper image to the I.C.E. screenshot you took.



Now you have successfully created an ICE contact and made it easy for someone to reach your contact in the event something ever happens.


Not only will ICE help you if something unpredictable were to happen, but having an ICE wallpaper on your phone is also a great way for someone to return your phone in the event you ever lose or misplace your device.

We like to give credit were credit is due. This information was provided to us by Bob Ireland, a customer of ours. Thank you Bob for all of your information!

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